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Boarding, Daycare, and Grooming Services 

  • For dogs, we offer nail trims and anal gland expressions.
  • For cats, we offer brush outs, nail trims, and lionshaves.

We do not offer specialty cuts or breed-specific styles, as our equipment is made for surgical preparations only. Please call us if you have any questions about our boarding or grooming services.

If you are looking for other services, our clients recommend the following:


If you have found a wild animal that you believe is injured, sick, or orphaned; please contact one of the following organizations. Their websites also provide helpful information regarding how to assess wildlife, how to care for them safely, and where to transport them if necessary.

We cannot accept wildlife at our location.  We do not have the facilities, specialized training, or licenses necessary to treat wildlife. Injured, sick, or orphaned wildlife must be transported to a licensed rehabilitation facility or a local drop-off location.

Medical Waste Disposal


Due to laws and regulations in Seattle, the West Seattle Animal Hospital is unable to accept returns of medication or medicine that you wish to dispose of. If you have prescriptions your pet is no longer using, you can try to contact local rescue organizations to see if they can accept donated medications. The other option is to take the medications your pet no longer needs to one of the many drop boxes from the King County Secure Medicine Return. There is no fee for you to dispose of your unneeded medications at these sites.

The closest disposal location to us is at the QFC across the street. To find other locations or confirm that all your medications can be disposed of there, please visit the King County Secure Medicine Return website.


In the City of Seattle, needles and other sharps must be disposed of in medical waste disposal containers. These are available for purchase through us, as well as many local pharmacies or drug stores. The price for the container includes the fee to dispose of these hazardous items safely. Most often, you must return the full container to the store you originally purchased it from. Prices and policies vary by store, so please feel free to call us with questions or contact your local store for their information.

Please visit the King County Health Department for more information on acceptable methods for disposing of sharps.

Veterinary Resources for your Pet

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