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Our Practice

At West Seattle Animal Hospital our experienced veterinarians strive every day to provide the highest quality medical and surgical care for our patients. We place a high value on education and communication because we want every pet to live the longest, healthiest life possible.

Our state-licensed nurses are the backbone of our medical support staff.  Our nurses are highly skilled in procedures such as anesthesia induction, anesthesia recovery, oxygen and heat therapy, radiology, splint and bandage application, IV catheterization, and cystocentesis.  In addition, they provide continual care for our hospitalized patients, including IV fluid administration, drug therapy, wound care, nutrition management, and pain control.

Our doctors and licensed nurses are supported by a team of veterinary assistants.  While under direct supervision, our veterinary assistants help take x-rays, place catheters, apply bandages, draw blood, care for hospitalized patients, and perform urinalysis and parasite checks.

Our hospital's reception desk is dedicated to providing excellent customer care.  In addition to scheduling appointments and admitting patients, we will also initiate prescription refills, transfer your pet's records to a specialist, fax a vaccination certificate to your doggie daycare, file pet insurance claims, remind you when your pet is due for a visit and give you local resources for finding a daycare, groomer, trainer or pet adoption organization.

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