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CDC Guidelines for Dogs Entering the USA

New CDC Guidelines for Dogs Entering the USA as of August 2024

Beginning in August 2024, if you travel outside the USA with your dog, in order to re-enter the USA, your dog must:

  •  Be at least six months of age; and
  •  Have an ISO microchip.

In addition to the above requirements, you must have the appropriate documents which are:

  • A CDC Dog Import form receipt and one of the following:
    • A valid USDA endorsed health certificate; or
    • USDA endorsed Certification of USA Administered Rabies Vaccination form (must be endorsed prior to leaving the USA; or
    • Certification of Foreign Administered Microchip and Rabies Vaccination form (must be endorsed by an official in that country). Additional requirements may apply such as rabies serology testing depending on the country.

Please note that USDA-endorsed health certificates are not the same thing as the non-endorsed certificates used for air travel within the USA.

The above is the basic gist, but the new regulations are complex.  There are a lot of steps to getting these forms done correctly. It all depends on where your dog has been, where they were vaccinated for rabies when they were vaccinated for rabies, who vaccinated them for rabies, and a variety of other factors. Read the new CDC Guidelines effective August 2024 >>

The CDC has a “Dog Bot” tool. Each dog owner can enter their individual circumstances and the tool will walk you through the requirements. Dog Bot Tool >>

Please note that there are no changes to entering Canada or Mexico from the USA. However, if you leave without the appropriate documents to return, it will cause complications for your return into the United States with your pet. 

New CDC Requirements

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