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Ask the Doctor

Do you have a question for your pet's doctor? If your pet is an active patient at our practice, our veterinary team is happy to answer questions as they arise. An active patient has been examined by one of our veterinarians in the past twelve months.

If your question is simple, a member of your veterinarian's team will respond to you by email or phone on a complimentary basis.

If your question requires that you speak directly with your veterinarian, a team member will contact you regarding scheduling a professional consultation via telephone. We will let you know which day your veterinarian will phone you and whether it is expected to occur in the AM or PM. A telemedicine fee of $35 is due before the consultation.

Please note that our veterinarians are unable to answer questions regarding pets that are not active patients at our practice. Additionally, a telemedicine consultation is not a substitute for a physical examination.

West Seattle Animal Hospital